Giving Back to the Community

Making Greater Connections to Better the World

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

– John F. Kennedy 

Here at Custom Content Solutions, we’ve made it quite clear that our mission is to connect you to your voice and your audience—to write content that connects and converts.

But you may not be aware of the third part of our mission: To connect you with your community. So we’d like to share with you how we at Custom Content Solutions are working to make a greater impact on the world through our services.


The Organizations We Support

Each month we donate up to 10 percent of our income to support three worthy causes that our clients care about and that means a great deal to our team:

  • Client choice: We ask our current and past clients to nominate charitable organizations that they’d like to see us support on their behalf. We donate up to 4% of our monthly income to a new client-nominated organization each month. (Are you a client of ours? Would you like to make a nomination? Shoot us a message and we’ll get you the nomination link!)
  • Women for Women International ( This organization does amazing work, offering social and economic empowerment to women in war-torn countries. Cari, our founder, spent time researching women’s and children’s rights post-genocide in Rwanda and has a strong connection to this organization’s mission. We donate up to 3% of our monthly income to this organization.
  • Minnesota Literacy Council ( Turning locally, we want to do what we can to support literacy for all individuals and cultivate the writers of the future. Minnesota Literacy Council—which started right in our hometown of Roseville, MN—teaches literacy skills to Minnesotans ages 3 and up. We donate up to 3% of our monthly income to this organization.

Each month we share in our e-newsletter which client-nominated nonprofit received a donation from us. (Not part of our monthly Copy Club newsletter yet? Join today!)

It’s a true privilege to be able to support our favorite organizations and to help our clients support theirs. We hope that, through our small contributions, we can help lift up those in our community and do our part to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

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