We all have them—slow days. The days when the phone does not ring, the emails are not pouring in, and the work is under control. For some lawyers, these days are a welcome relief from the daily grind. For others, however, these days bring increased concern over the lack of viable client prospects. For everyone, these days provide a brilliant opportunity to tackle small tasks that can create quick marketing wins for your law firm.

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Here are 20 online and offline quick-and-easy marketing ideas to help make the most of your slow days. Each task takes an hour (or less) to complete, and most require no advance work.

6 Website Marketing Ideas

  1. Review your website bio. Take a few minutes to read your bio and review all associated information, such as professional organization affiliations. Is everything up-to-date? Do you have a current profile photo on your bio? Is your contact information easy to locate?

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